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HAY Online Media Letter August 2015

We are all about connecting the youth, the future, with professionals of their descent who are willing to reach out to an inquiring mind online. While sharing other finds online practicing proper online practices to share as we monitor more and more brought to our research attention.

Thank you to all who have helped us along the way and continue to. We appreciate each experience and the association. Very excited to roll out more products to help a youth hang in there while building up brand trust, attending college and running a business.

Zoe Social Media & Online Presence Insights is a product to help youth do well online sharing great tools and information to keep in reference.

Haitian All-StarZ Music Corner is that spot to share Haitian music, history of the music and mixes of various genres in global languages to boot.

Haiti Visuelle is a great culture partner sharing Haiti history and facts that are very interesting. Their content is wonderful to share and greater the ease to share all over with permission of course.

Haiti HD is a promising venture into Haitian Television Entertainment that by far is being placed in the right spots for internet viewing. The wave of the future watch shows on YouTube for free, why not on a console for a one time purchase of equipment (cords for HD quality as well on you) fee get Haitian television our kids can enjoy as well as us. That is very connecting in a way that they are well familiar with to maneuver.

HAY Online College Corner is where we share college Haitian Student Associations, Haitian American Students Associations, or Haitian Student Organizations links. Sometimes they change since university hosted pages at times are moved or no longer up for many reasons. So if you happen to be a part of one and do not see it listed, let us know at hayonlinemedia@gmail.com, subject HAY Online College Corner Addition. Thank you tremendously!

Daily Quotes is a great replacement of the inspirational quotes we use to share so much in 2011 to 2013. As part of our mission to share those of Haitian descent who are doing it online, Royale L'radin whom we found online has humbly allowed sharing of his great daily quotes. We are honored to have learned of this amazing man who has a story that can show any youth that incarceration does not stop your dreams or your destiny. It may just be part of the journey you governs outcome by your attitude towards each hurdle.

Haitian-American youth online, Haitian American as we like to write, we just want you to connect with those doing what it takes to garner the respect we most need and seek. If we can support our own who show they truly help you, more support is added to businesses, student’s finishing school, assisting the needy in our community so a child is clean and well fed. All this domino affect like scenarios that could be postulated are ample reason to change approach and just put ones support where their mouth is. Say, "You will foster the change you want to see", then act on it any means necessary. There is a time crunch battle many are running at a snail pace to that is so damaging to any hopes of rising above. So in our own way we want to facilitate better presence online with all who are practicing the proper steps towards it.

Nancy Francois aka Aquarius Dawn Nancy - CEO, Founder

HAY Online Media, Inc

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