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HAY Online New New: Shaq Dup & Sweet Heart's "Trap Queen"Piano Duet

Shaq Dup Haitian American Hip Hop Artist, Producer and Youth Mentor

Haitian American Youth, HAY Online, Shaq Dup and his sweet heart (Talented Tinika Cudjoe) play a duet to mainstream radio music rotation "Trap Queen" in this video showing their rendition piano chops.

No matter ones opinion as to musical choice, I do not see the time to stress on a youths choices when their talent is evident. Encouraging our youth to do their best and helping them in what they like to do is what helps our community become stronger economically. The more we help in all sectors the youth are diving into, the more competitors of Haitian American descent there are. This pool as it gets bigger keeps on supporting all within and who enter to provide services. This is one way of many to help our economic standings. Once we get this funnel going and use it to negotiate, then one can feel to tackle stigmas as they continue to foster support.

This young mans aspirations should not be a dream with all he does as a college student, youth empowerment counselor, producer who helps kids compile masterpieces of their own and Zoepreneur who is making sure he gets the right guidance towards his goals of winning a Grammy.

Shaq Dup Grammy Dream Building Picture of His

We think he is on the right track. Great support from family, friends and colleagues is integral and this young man has the formula. Now the support from those wanting a better tomorrow for our youth should be fitting. Don't you think?

Listen to "Trap Queen" Piano Duet

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