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Young Shrimp, HAY Online August 2015 Feature

Young Shrimp - It Was Just My Cousin YoutTube Video on HAY Online

Towards the end of last year I Stumbled Upon a young talent and his equally talented group of friends to point I am also monitoring Doubley A and Maxpassion.

These young Zoes know what they want as in performing career and are making sure they create the world (environment), create the content to share it (learning the technical side to edit and create it), and most importantly need support from their community.

We will support when we see a youth is taking the steps they need to and if we see over six months later they are still around doing the latest in presenting and keep their crowd engaged we will help them get their message out properly while guiding if need be.

As with other comedians, we do not jump into their creative network, only promote the best we can for what it is that is needed. Comedy is an art form that the individual has their own "Thing" to being a character or do a skit so those aspects one could never help with other than inspire a joke or concept. So if you too have a talent and want recognition for your hard work online, let us know!

Young Shrimp is this months feature which guarantees him twelve months of dedicated promotion how we do at HAY Online Media (Adaptive, time accounted posting of content). We want you to look better and present you to the web. It will take a lot of time and dedication but soon as you get the hang of sharing your world with the web properly, you will see the savings.

Have a productive day HAY!

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