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‪#‎ZoeSocialMediaInsights‬ : Facebook, Instagram and Content (Images)


More than 2,460,000 pieces of content get shared on Facebook every day. More than 216,000 photos are posted to Instagram every sixty seconds. The influence and power of visual communications are undeniable. - PR Daily (Source) ‪#‎ZoeOnlinePresenceInsights‬

If there are billions online and only about 2 million images actually shared out of the many we all know are slapped up on ones timeline, what does this insight tell you?

Yes, it is not a usual occurrence to get shares.

One can see in the tens of thousands of likes and thousands upon thousands of comments made a few shares if any of a post made.

So it is not as easy for any one entity as a whole on Facebook alone to compel one visiting their page to share that spectacular picture. Yet, when you notice more views, if you are boosting your posts, save your money for boosting the one you see over fifty saw posts for pages with a few hundred to one thousand likes. Pages with five thousand or more likes should be sharing more of the kinds of posts they monitor in their company page insights receive commenting and likes most.

The more followers the more vigilant one must be to stay on top of the content posted to boost those posts that matter most within storytelling schematic of presenting it. Do not just boost any post. Time is money, yes but being practical about your budget vs. promotion is paramount. Budget, if serious about staying the course of business time out trumps any promotion attempts. Remember, your promotion for any one thing needs months no matter how you present it to be quantified. I say possibly because if you are not placing you posts online where they are picked up to be shared, liked or commented on, they will just stay where posted sending no signal of its existence. Maybe if crawled for one other reason or another.

So it matters posting style, posting frequency (how often for platform policy and visitor viewing your post that one piece of content), pace of posting (intervals between each post of that one piece of content), and most importantly posting time (time the initial post of that piece of content is shared daily). So post clean, within respective platforms guidelines to posting, and take into account posting time to monitor results against it.

#SideNote :

If you are a Zoepreneur on a budget, why are you paying to boost a post that your own audience is not into?

Right, no need. Stick to presenting your brand created content enough daily for it to start garnering attention within a platforms guidelines to not violate posting allowances. Then start paying to boost ads. Learn your audience make-up daily till it is like second nature their viewing interests of your posts. This insight information provided by most popular platforms help you in creating future posts and promotion campaigns as a whole.

The Instagram numbers make sense since every second like Twitter, content is slapped on it. The numbers above are insightful to show one must put much focus on that angle if wanting an engaged crowd not to forget you exist on Instagram too. Now if you are funneling traffic to it from other platforms, then one should constantly share they are on Instagram too. If one was never aware who is only engaging with brand on one platform that shared no connection to Instagram, how is it the numbers there will grow?

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