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HaiMan, Haitian American artist hailing from Fort Lauderdale, FL

HaiMan, Haitian American Artist hailing from Fort Lauderdale, FL Music Genre: Hip Hop - Country: US

HaiMan Haitian American Hip Hop Artist

He is a young man destined for great accomplishments. Zoepreneurs (Entrepreneurs of Haitian descent) such as he are great motivation and inspiration. We say this because we watch all we promote and he has that “It”.

Along with having that “It” he is dedicated to his craft and fine tuning it to radio quality tracks. Seriously, he is about quality and stepping that up every step of the way.

Jo$eph Infinite - 954 ft HaiMan Maxamillian & K v

#Explicit #Ninohtv #Nineoh "90's Babies" #NinetyBabies #Flow

Now, his online presence is under HaiMan Alphonse is impressive. The use of great social media practices that keep him engaged with his fans has HAY Online Media proud to see such command of online branding. With continued dedication to his craft and marketing prowess, he is a young man to watch rise. He has what it takes to move his own empire and sure is showing it.

HaiMan Haitian American Hip Hop Independent Artist part of Nine Oh Music Group

He is raw, unapologetic and refined with an intellect vast as the galaxies, all of them known with not.

Hustle is a measure of success by all standards. No matter the occasion calling for one to, the hustle determines the outcome.

We respect a man’s hustle and HaiMan is a Zoe who knows what he is doing.


HaiMan A Zoepreneur Haitian American Entrepreneur to Know

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