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CeddyJay, I am Ceddyjay (Website)

So sorry for the delay in posting another blog you all!

The past few months have been a doozy with so much going on.

Back to presenting the youth online in the Haitian community one can find with a soft search (meaning with the typing of their name in a Google search bar much about their craft is listed as it should if good online practices followed).

Ceddyjay, Haitian American Lyricist with that 90's flow can be found all over the web and not just Facebook. We have found his website created in 2014 which list all the places you can find him. We love sharing the youth online presenting well.

Ceddyjay on the World Wide Web:

Ceddyjay (Facebook)

Ceddyjay (Twitter)

Ceddyjay (Instagram)

Ceddyjay (SoundCloud)

Ceddyjay (YouTube)

If you want to learn how to promote yourself well to eventually list online, just follow our HAY Online Media University page on Facebook and learn of all the other places we propped up online to help your star shine too.

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