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Since 2012, I have been following a young Canadian man known as KG Jay formerly Lil KJ who was then in grammar school. At the time, he was part of a small group on YouTube of youth who were focused on Hip Hop at that age range of 10 to 11. You had those like Ceddy Jay and many other overnight sensations who tapped into their doting audiences to become viral but not a booming practice to find so many back then. Ceddy Jay whom is another beast to know of many we have been following for years has featured on many pages with a slew of tracks online. Yet, Keyshawn Jean whose dad happens to be Haitian and mother is of Middle Eastern descent is a young man with a plan. From the "ABC's" promotional video his dad helped put together to the now teenage accomplished producer as in doing work for other artists makes the grade in school as well as on the mic.

KG Jay iFreshman VEVO

To watch him hone his craft and work at it to get better and better is a testament to his true dedication. If you are "Hatin", one has ample reason. He is not only a Hip Hop artist but he produces beats while still in high school. You can find him sharing what youth do online along with deep quotes we will sure share. He is a beast, this young man from Ottawa, Canada! Did I mention, he is a Zoe?

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His Facebook: Keyshawn G Jean (KG Jay)

His Twitter: @KGJayNextOne

His YouTube: KGJayVEVO

His Instagram: KG Jay(@kgjay)

<> Just Google Him--> KG Jay Next One or just KG Jay <-- Click Text To Go Search<>

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