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Pete Magic, Haitian American Hip Hop Artist

PeteMagic, Haitian American Hip Hop Artist (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Hailing from "Fort Licka Dale" (Fort Lauderdale) Florida, Pete Magic is a Haitian American Hip Hop artist worth knowing about. He is uber talented with a squad of independent artists who bring the heat when they collaborate. That is, Nine-Oh Music Group the squad bringing the serious talent to the web on SoundCloud and Twitter.

As we love to do, we like to follow the talent we share and see "How They Do" online by following their online presence for months and many years. It is one thing to have the talent, it is another to let the world wide web know. Keeping our mission as to how things are searched online, we went "Googling" PeteMagic.

We love learning of so many Haitian American youth online with bars. He has a conscience message while sharing his life through his music. This is his world, music and he sure does show it in all the spots you can find him.

PeteMagic on Facebook

We sure had to know if he had a facebook and he does, PeterMagic (Community). Show some love and like his page when you log onto FB!

PeteMagic (@PeteMagic90s) on Twitter

Okay now, you all should know by now we had to share his Twitter. He is active on it and it is a great way to instantly get a link to his latest track to listen to on SoundClud, Spinrilla, YouTube or any other online platform online to share his music. Just click the links and enjoy this Zoe's talent!

PeteMagic on YouTube

YouTube is another hot spot for Hip Hop artist with indipendent pursuits to use and share video of their tracks or even music videos they at times direct and produce. Just so many online doing it big who just need support among their brethren and sistren. Make sure to go out and support them when in your spot.

PeteMagic on Spinrilla

Well, I listened to all the songs on this station with tracks from Patience on Spinrilla. I can say without a doubt this guy here, PeteMagic is a hit in his own right like all the "Beast" we follow here on HAY Online. Just listen to these tracks specifically picked out that we share on our website to give you a taste of PeteMagic's lyrical genius.

Go to his PeteMagic on Spinrilla on HAY Online page.

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