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Haitian Brand Mixtape by SapphireAka Purple A Dropped Today for Christmas

Well at around midnight, the hustling SapphireAka Purple A announced she dropped her latest mixtape, Haitian Brand.

Since Coach Peter of North Miami Senior High School put me onto the duo, D'United, it has been a pleasure watching how they do online. Very inspiring and love their street hustle too. Salute and keep sharing your talents how you see fit, sure doing a great job sharing on the web. 2016 for sure will see big things for "The Haitian American Hook King" as I would call him merrily and the songstress with bars Haitian Artist SapphireAka Purple A.

Check it out!

Haitian Brand (As from Datpiff)

Haitian brand is the hottest, dopest, realest mixtape in the world. It is called haitian brand because I am from haiti, and represent my haitians to the fullest. I have 18 track which represent the independence day of Haiti, so with that being said it also stands for me representing freedom, my uniqueness, and not being trapped in a box/giving you a variety of sounds and stories, some personal, that everybody from the bottom can relate to; coming where I come from a lot of people don't make it out, so if i can do it, so can you. I keep it a 100!.. God Bless..

Haitian Brand Mixtape by Purple A on Datpiff

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