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Haitian American Guitarist Soleil Laurent's Question and Answer with HAY Online

Soleil Laurent's Question and Answer with HAY Online

Soleil Laurent (Artist)

Images of Soleil Laurent courtesy of her management

HAY Online: What is it that you do Soleil?

Soleil Laurent: I am an artist. I sing, I write, I play guitar and get inspired by life in so many different ways. I feel the world's pain, love, happiness,strength and wisdom that's what happens when you become so sensitive you want to express it .

HAY Online: Normally we would ask you how old you are, but since you are a lady we will ask, what “Baby” are you, lol?( “80’s Baby”, “90’s Baby” …)

Soleil Laurent: Lol! I am a 90’s baby! The years with the best cartoons on TV.

HAY Online: Are you in school or learning a trade? Sum up all you do in as few as four to five sentences if you need that much?

Soleil Laurent: I am currently not in school.. I went to Berklee College of Music for a couple semesters which was such a phenomenal experience. Currently I am recording an EP and booking shows all over. Ex. New York City, Africa, Florida and more.

HAY Online: We have a word we coined, Zoepreneur, what do you think this word stands for? What meaning does it have for you as a black woman and a Haitian American youth? Just Google it and you will find its meaning.

Soleil Laurent: From what I read online … I see amazing young (Haitian) people who are going for their passions and not settling for an idea of “Plan B”. They are following their purpose in life 110% I love people like that and we should support and inspire each other to be successful and live a life we dream of.

HAY Online: Who is your inspiration?

Soleil Laurent:

Bob Marley: for his touching lyrics and authenticity.

Janis Joplin: She is one of the artist whose voice moves you and you can feel the pain she has endured in her life. To be able to be that vulnerable is strength.

Martin Luther King Jr.: He believed the world can be full of love no matter what color. All about the peace, love and unity.

HAY Online: Who motivates you?

Soleil Laurent: My mother and father. I honestly have the best parents in the world who believe not only will I achieve many goals of my own but inspire people to go for theirs! My mom pushes me to be the best person I can be I can’t tell you how much love I have in my heart for this woman. My dad helps me become the best artist, training me and teaching me to be able to communicate the message on stage and in recordings.

Haitian American Soleil Laurent with Father Richard Laurent

HAY Online: What are your goals?

Soleil Laurent: To be able to travel the world with my music and touch, move and inspire people.

HAY Online: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Soleil Laurent: I see myself being one of the most successful artist and being an inspiration to my brothers and sisters.

Transforming lives on a daily basis.

Connecting with people motivating them to follow their passions.

Proving that their can be a great African American woman in the rock industry.

HAY Online: Tell us the “Real Meat and Potato’s” about an obstacle you had and how you overcame it? We want to encourage the youth to be bold and overcome “Self-Doubt”. So what happened? How did you get through it?

Soleil Laurent: The biggest obstacle was the conversation of “I’m not good enough” see hard work and dedication is a big key but so is confidence. It was difficult at first standing up for who I am because no one believed I can do rock music. They didn't think it was part of my stereotype. But everyday as I succeed to being closer and closer to my goals I am proving them wrong. I don't believe music should be limited by race or gender of a person because it is self expression.

HAY Online: What is the one piece of advice you would give another youth looking up to you and wants to be a producer who is an artist too?

Soleil Laurent: To be yourself… Be different … I say this all the time, matter of fact lol… But be inspired by many different artist, just don't copy them exactly… When people say, "I want to be the next whomever"…. You have to discover yourself as an artist … How are you going to inspire people… What is your message!

We would like to say a big thank you to Soleil Laurent for doing this Q & A, Question and Answer with Haitian American Youth Online! HAY Online as always is honored to have great "Giants" who take time out of their busy touring schedule to give us, HAY Online some inspiration to keep pushing for our dreams no matter who or what stands in our way. For the moment, I say!

Nancy Francois here, aka Aquarius Dawn Nancy getting the "Meat and Potatoes" of it all from Haitian American Singer, Guitarist Soleil Laurent.

Haitian American Soleil Laurent Believing in yourself will always be step one

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