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Haitian American Guitarist Soleil Laurent (Artist)

Haitian American Guitarist Soleil Laurent (Artist)

When a child comes into this world, you would hope they are received by a loving mother or a doting father. No matter your own upbringing, one needs to reflect on how they were raised to help the next generation. I would assume if it was horrible, your actions as an adult with a child would not lead you to introduce that kind of stress upon them. If it was great, then one can assume you have the tools to help your child with a positive outlook on life. The images here, two to be exact, of this beautiful talent with her father are poignant for many reasons.

Richard Laurent and his daughter Soleil Laurent Haitian American Guitarist who is a Performing Artist

All Images Courtesy of Soleil Laurent's Management

At birth, a man saw a little girl. She was small, holding his finger and looking around the hospital room till she locks onto his eyes, her father's. What to say to the many born who look around and do not see the "Creator", their father?

Richard Laurent the father of Soleil with her at a gig at the Blue Note

Growing up, the little girl wants to dance with her father and twirl singing songs with a flower in hand. Great fairytale, yet some kids actually get that happy tale. It tends to turn out well, though there are hurdles, they are better set up to handle them.

Haitian American Soleil Laurent Sounds of Soleil Richard Laurent Gazing At His Daughter

Now it is over protective daddy watching his daughter grow, while snarling at the guys while he walks behind her. Yet, when he is with her as they bond, the look of endearment are hard not to notice.

In her adult years, she is now a woman who has had her father with her every step of the way. Guiding, teaching through actions observed and direct expression. She is ready to be handed off and the one to take over as her protector has big shoes to fill. Her "Maker" has given the lucky young man a responsibility he made sure she saw ample example of.

Haitian American Soleil Laurent Sounds of Soleil HAY Online

"Believing in yourself will always be step one!" - @soleil_laurent on IG

Now you as men, run with that. A talent flourishes as her father watched her every step of the way. What are you doing to make sure you are equip to take on the role as a father?

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A special thank you to Johanna Laurent for such a great direction for this blog piece!

Thank you Mr. Richard Laurent for amassing such a great online presence of the greats and enjoy the Haitian Creatives project. You are the bomb!!! Been following you since Hard Hittin Harry told me about Earthman Experience. Just a beautiful testiment to how so many Haitian American giants could fly so high from birth with more support. Chapeau Bas, Maestro Richard Laurent!! #WhoHAYIsWatching

#HAYOnlineSideNote: Very evident in how her parents both are involved in her life and the outcome was worth the God given duty to foster the character of the next generation. They did that!!!

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