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#HAYOnline Haitian American Youth Online Rebecca Laurent (Afro-Latina American)

Rebecca Laurent is a beautiful rising star with a mix one can love!

Rebecca Laurent, Haitian American/Afro-Latina American Actress

She has a beautiful Latina mother of Dominican descent and a handsome rock God father of Haitian descent coupled together making an amazing creation that is truly a HAY Online Giant.

Here is a video introducing the young actress/talent who is killing it online and so excited to share her journey with you on Haitian American Youth Online. :)

Follow Her:

Rebecca Laurent (Official Website)

Facebook: Rebecca Laurent on Facebook

Twitter: Rebecca Laurent on Twitter : rebecca Ⓥ @_rebeccalaurent

YouTube: Rebecca Laurent on Instagram: @rebeccajeanlaurent

Just Google Her: Rebecca Laurent and you will be amazed as we are. As we always do, we sure will be tracking her rise and sharing much along the way HAY. Be great and be the "Giants" you are HAY Online!

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