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Lady Godiva (Words by Lady G) HAY Online Motivation Story

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A couple of years back while working with a great Haitian visionary in the media business, I met Ghadir. She is an amazing woman of "Arabian descent", I like to say. She is both beautiful inside and out. Working together on La Beaute Magazine as contributors really connected us. Her mission to help transform peoples lives through her words was refreshing to learn of. Just had to share her posts on HAY Online.

She posts daily motivational content that just has one refocusing their current chaos to a more positive outlook. Being raised in a household most often times chaotic helps one appreciate those who help quiet the mind to let one re-center and focus on better outcomes. Her positive outlook on life conveyed via her words as poetry help many of us who check her out daily on Instagram @wordsbyladyg deal with the every day hustle and bustle. Getting an encouraging word or image of the sunrise in the morning helps set ones positive pace. Then the evening posts reminding of the serenity to release into before your rest.

Constant reminders of letting the mind wonder into a quiet space to regroup are always helpful. Lady G can help all those searching for love in the world or wanting to bring it back into their environment out. Luvoholics worldwide spreading love any way possible that is safe, assuring and motivating.

Lady Godiva's Words:

"A new blessing in my life has been revealed to me. This blessing is called wordsbyladyg.com. My very own blog site! I get ecstatic just thinking about it and where it can lead to. Unlike other blog sites, mine will give us all the opportunity to grow together in wisdom. Life teaches us a lot if we are willing to learn. The main objective is to spread as much love as I possibly can and to express my thoughts through my writings and pictures. My vision for my site is to eventually turn it into a movement that may change lives for the better..." - Ghadir Said ( Excerpt from first portion of her bio on Lady Godiva )

"My name, Ghadir, means sound of the stream that leads to a river. I believe it fits me well, because I want to be the voice (sound) of love (the stream) that leads to masses of people (the river)"... "Let us create the chain of warriors (strong, wise, and humble), instead of the chains created by politics and religion shackling us mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually everyday generation upon generation. Words are very powerful; therefore, please allow mine to speak volumes to your souls!" - Ghadir Said ( Excerpt from second portion of her bio on Lady Godiva )

Lady Godiva's Website:

Words by Lady G (wordsbyladyg.com)

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