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Haitian Heritage Month Highlights - Haitian American Youth Online: Manno Charlemagne, Haitian Political Folk Singer

Being born and raised in Florida, much about my Haitian roots was just background noise. Literally, if music of Manno Charlemagne was playing in the house, I did not get the message nor paid much attention while playing.

Many profess a deep love for their Haitian roots since birth, yet I am honest as many in my shoes that Haitian anything was not what I sought after till a bit older. Even then when older still not something of interest till my adult years. As a child I did learn about the History and the culture not so much as to artists, actors and politician more than the Duvalier family.

As I am being introduced to many in the culture by my Haitian boyfriend, I am learning that the folk scene is more up my alley. In beliefs and goals for change, I agree with the messages more clear to me now that I have someone to break down the sense of the music I use to hear but not pay attention to. Now Steve Brunache, I remember much because during Aristide's presidency or the little time he was President, my mom played his music all the time so I learned those words still not understanding their sense till older.

As I prepare to introduce a beautiful Queen into this world, my soon to be here Isis C. Duperval, I am being immersed into culture her daddy sure is going to share with her. This time though he will have time to teach her all she needs to know and I will join for the educational ride.

The YouTube video below is of a song I have come to love called, "Ayiti Pa Fore".

Ask your parents what the sense of the music Manno Charlemagne performs. Get to asking questions about your roots. Google him and learn something new. If you are like me, who is into Folk music and Roots than you will love Manno. Have a great Haitian Heritage Month Haitian American Youth Online!

Source: YouTube by CDBaby Ayiti Pa Fore · Manno Charlemagne Oganizasyon Mondyal ℗ 2010 mini Records Released on: 2010-01-26

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