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Zoepreneurs Online Presence Insights: Google Me

Zoepreneurs Online Presence Insights: Google Me

Google, the supreme leader today in search engine technologies use. Anyone who has a business or public figure role should go and Google their name. See what comes up under All(Articles/Blog Posts/Website Links), Images, and Video.

Then, search the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get a grasp of it. SEO is the use of online practices to get content to surface under relevant keywords in an organic search. When a online visitor goes to the web browsers search bar, types in your business name or public figure name to find content about it or not, that is an "Organic Search".

If content pertaining to your brand is not coming up on first five pages, do some research why not. Preferably, page one of that Keyword search should share links leading to brand content. A strategy needs to be implemented to get content online via platforms that work for your brand, as in learning where online your link was to be indexed. Indexing in web terms is when bots search the web for most relevant content, find it and place in under the keyword searched for.

Last but not least, remember to always incorporate basic SEO practices every step of the way.

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