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Zoepreneurs Online Presence Insights: Google Me and Name Variations

How you type brand name and public figure name online is very, very important. Do not switch up at all. You must come up with a name, keep using it online the same and make sure others mentioning your name spells it correctly. So if an artist and there is a unique way to spell name, make sure all sharing your information also pay attention to spelling. You do not want to leave room for confusion.

When researching what links are coming up under brand, look at snippets of descriptions and make sure brand name is spelled correctly. When bots on the web go crawling for content with brand name where SEO practices call it to be, they clump this information together under the properly typed keyword. If always changing spelling, you now are creating more avenues for your brands content to be found online but under misspelling of it.

Misspelling brand name or public figure name slash switching up variation in spelling either be a strategy or just avoided so not to add more to task of getting branded content online.

So always share handles and brand names the right spelling way from start to finish.

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