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Haitian-American Entrepreneur of the Month, Zoepreneur Carline Smothers

Carline Smothers, Haitian-American author, illustrator and so much more is founder of Zoe Beautee.

HAY Online Img Carline Smothers by yelnatsphotography

Carline Smothers, Founder of Zoe Beautee ( Img Credit: @yelnatsphotography Georges Stanley)

She has put together an impressive collection of Haitian culture products for women, children and men. I state in that order for various reasons, main one​ is she presents the feminine side greatly. With her Bel Famn(Beautiful Woman) clothing line collection she makes a statement. We are beautiful women!

Bel Fanm Beautiful Woman Shirt from Zoe Beautee

( Our Source: Zoe Beautee Facebook)

Along with clothing lines geared to all genders, yeap she is a fashion designer too😁, her children's products are the rave!

Her Children's book series, Zoe Beautee Little Reader's, boasts two books making out to be great gift ideas to teach an Haitian-American youth about Haiti. Fanmi Mwen(My Family) and Mmmmm! Soup Joumou!(Mmmmm! Pumpkin Soup!) are great children's books. They teach Haitian Creole, the culture and shows the various familial roles of the Haitian woman. I would recommend you all no matter national background to buy these great books. Not only do you get to learn about the first black republic, you get to help Zoe Beautee founders charities. Learn more about her brand Zoe Beautee, Google it!

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