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Kosi, Haitian-American Youth Techie Prepared I

Kosi, Marcus Pierre-Louis, is a highschool senior we learned of during a HAY Online Search of Instagram. He is skilled in JavaScript, Ruby, Java, Python, C++, HTML 5, CSS 3, and more. He is a versatile programmer!

He also shoots video as a videographer and takes pictures as a photographer all while being a senior at Dillard Highschool. 

Keeping with our purpose to foster proper online presence, we always look to present Haitian-American youth who can be found outside social media. Online Presence is crucial today.

In our mission to share everything Haitian to a HAY Online and friends wanting to learn about Haitian culture through their eyes via the World Wide Web, we find those as Kosi to share. His Online Presence is at a great start. Cannot wait to learn more about his other online platforms he shares his talents on.

He is in the Dillard Computer Technology Magnet - Game Design Program.

"Being a student in Dillard High Schools amazing Game Design/Development class, it was only natural for me to create a video showcasing student work..." - Kosi

Learn more about this amazing Haitian American Youth Online named Kosi!

Connect with him on:

Kosi Website



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