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"What is TPS? Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is a temporary immigration benefit given to nationals of a particular country due to conditions in the country that temporarily prevent the country’s nationals from returning there safely, or where the country is not able to adequately handle the return of its nationals." - Read More: Temporary Protected Status by B. Gay

In 2010 after the terrible Haiti Earthquake, many Haitians filed for Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

When I met my ex, he introduced me to many whom were living in Little Haiti, the Miami area nicknamed so because a large population of immigrants from Haiti inhabit there. A priest whom was popular in that area got the spot recognized as Little Haiti. The history is quite interesting since the area is also know as Lemon City for it citrus tree distinction in olden days or Little River. Either way, a large number who emigrated there by the boat loads from Haiti reside there whether legally or not. This TPS matter are for those who were protected from deportation based on having temporary protection rights. Haiti and it's government could not adequately handle the safe return of its citizens for a great period of time. So many applied for protected status. Whether they fully understood its limitations, cannot say. The information provided by Homeland Security is pretty straightforward. The form for it is, Form I - 821, Application for Temporary Protected Status provided by the Department for Homeland Security. It can also be found on the below mentioned attorneys website, Law Office of B. Gay.

To learn more about TPS, visit Haitian-American lawyer, Bianca Gay's Law Firm website which in my opinion has the most detailed explanation of what it is, how one can get it, what countries currently have it and possible ways to stay legally after receiving TPS. Topics on her site for TPS: 1. What is TPS? 2. How does a country get TPS? 3. What are the benefits of having TPS? 4. Can you get a green card by having TPS? 5. How do you apply for TPS? 6. What will happen if a country’s TPS status is terminated? Will those beneficiaries be immediately deported? 7. What other countries have TPS? Go to it HAY Online and help a family member in this situation that has 50, 000 plus Haitians whom are under it scheduled to return. It will not be free for many, the help. Also those with legal standings to stay must file other documents they will need an attorney for. Please visit the nearest Immigration Lawyer with your family members who may have a chance! The Law Firms We Know: Bernier Legal, LLC  - Manhattan, New York Law Office of Bianca Gay - Brockton, MA  

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