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HAY Online News: 11 Influencers and Entrepreneurs of Boston, We Know Royale L'radin's Quotes

by Nancy Francois aka Aquarius Dawn Nancy 

"Royale Royale L’Radin is a Transformational Speaker who has embarked on a journey to inspire, motivate and transform the masses using his life experiences. Through his determination of building a better tomorrow and his philosophy of “Revolution to Inspire”, Royale is building a community center in Stoughton, MA." - 11 Influencers and Entrepreneurs of Boston, Kurt Faustin, Contributor for Huffington Post (Contributors Platform)

Man, those few who know me well can say I am doing many happy dances right now, lol.

Royale L'radin's quotes inspire me and many. Even Trina, "The Baddest..." my era's diva follows him among other celebrities on Instagram. With how hard it has been dealing with some within the Haitian community who purposely black balled, did unscrupulous things, and just plain ignored emails to feature their organization I found my feelings hurt as any human would. Then Royale was stumbled upon.

His quotes encourage me to keep on going to share those Gems we find at HAY Online, Haitian American Youth Online searches on the World Wide Web. Many will say, "Do not let it get to you!" Yet rarely stick around to build you up after some occurrences bring about detrimental factors. But not Mr. L'radin' who refers to me as "Queen" 😊. He will always reply to my messages and brighten up this HAY Online who only wants a fair share of the kind of Haitian-American we promote online. Those I coin the "Creme de la Creme" by how they act can keep the glitz and glamour. I just want those with no connections more than the interests in their GIANT talents to shine online. Those who have played a way know who they are and emails ignored documented as reminders. In saying, his words encourage me to not dwell on past wrongs, move on and persevere among those who believe in my own dreams I sprinkle all over the web. I look to his quotes to keep me motivated day in and out while monitoring HAY Online's Online Presence. I also use his quotes that match HAY's messages to other youth whom may not be so sought after who are stars in their own right. It takes much to keep up practices and monitor updates to make sure our platform stays unique while among some who act a way. 

Thank you to Kurt Faustin for presenting a man like Royale L'radin as an influence in Boston! He really is a World Wide one too. He is one of many online inspirations that helped me through so much and even recently coming out of an abusive, vindictive relationship that has so many involved unjustly. Living a nightmare his quotes and occasional personal check ups on me helped me through. I appreciate him and also Mr. Faustin for putting Royale on such a great platform to shine. He deserves it!

One of a few sentimental blogs on HAY Online Blog, lol. Just felt to share so the youth promoted and watched understand, even I too need some encouraging words daily. Mr. Royale L'radin, Haitian-American Philosopher does that daily the past three plus years. Learn more about this young Haitian-American Entrepreneur, who is among many Zoepreneurs! 💗💯🇭🇹🇺🇸.

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