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HAY Online News: Haiti Earthquake remembered 2018 by HAY Online

January 12, 2010 an earthquake of 7.0 magnitude on the Richter Scale struck Haiti at about ten minutes to five in the afternoon, basically high volume traffic hour in Port-Au-Prince where the Epicenter was. 

There, homes made of slabs of concrete reinforced or not fell. Shacks, crumbled by falling buildings and children in school, well we all by now know the deal. Just putting it, eight years later more still needs to be done. So we just share to remember, not add shock value. Some need to be reminded never to let something like this happen without regulations and better governance in the aftermath of disasters so no immense chance of Cholera like outbreaks due to need of outside aid. Pushing for a stronger Haiti based on her own merits is key. That means to remember its future is in our hands, not foreign Aid suppliers or foreign business interest countries. It lies in its people there and abroad. This also puts a huge responsibility on Haiti's leaders to act accordingly in her best interest and make sure to uphold her honor when representing her. 

So in all, Haiti needs work and do not forget the lives lost that fateful day. 

Be great Haitian American Youth Online!

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