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HAY Online Funnies: Meet Haitian-American Danny Joseph of Salt Talk Comedy Elf Chronicles LOL

Danny Joseph is a Haitian-American comedian to watch, lol! 

Man, since stumbling on Kenny St. Louis of Royalty Media who services the Atlanta and Miami area with his videography, we have been lucky to find a treasure trove of content coming from some talented Zoe's. You know how we do at Haitian American Youth Online, we search the web for Haitian-American talent to share. The Haitian Diaspora on the World Wide Web center-stage! 

This talented young man has a funny we share now as part of HAY Online Funnies called, Salt Talk Comedy. Basically giving a spin on so many topics in a shocking but funny manner. Some are slightly offensive to overly questionable. Like the things some are thinking but will not say kind of parodies to current events or just plain common scenarios done in a comedic light. Either way, Mr. Joseph is another talent among many we present to you worth noting and watching his star rise. We hope he keeps growing in his craft and keeps sharing the funny! We will.  

Be great Zoepreneurs and HAY Online GIANTS! 

Nappy Productions Presents: Salt Talk Comedy's Elf Chronicles: The Magic Wand 

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