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HAY Online News: Conan O'Brien Toast of Haitian Community

by Nancy Francois aka Aquarius Dawn Nancy

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Conan O'Brien is a comedian, host on television, and to add on a list of other titles now is "The Toast of the Haitian Community". By the way Haitian social media is sharing him and his current platform is sharing his visit to Haiti, the former comment about him being "The Toast" can be made. 

As usual the buzz around the alleged comments by the 45 th President elect have stirred up much controversy. Its buzz has help many use the momentum to shed light on Haiti's concerns about image. Some argue there is much to still clean up in Haiti about image so alleged statements many have now put in hashtags, screens for shirts sold now depicting hashtag with word Haiti or "I Love my ********". We omit the hashtag due to future ramifications using it will have that will counter its use to bring awareness from an SEO stand point. Well, I digress and back to Mr. O'Brien. 

Looking him up, you find out much about his career and current events surrounding him. This is why we did because currently Haitian and Haitian-American social media have been sharing his Haiti visit heavy. We share some posts via @hayonlineinc on Instagram from media partners and followers we re-post from using our Regran Pro app.

He does have a pretty extensive career in television and his share of controversy but who has not? We here at Haitian American Youth Online find his trip a good look to help shed light on many things that need to be addressed. 

This momentum can help keep focus on truly using money generated from this year's national events to set up waste management initiatives to tackle the lack of it still. It can also help shed light on many sectors in the general population that need attention such as local access to better schooling regulations and emergency care. Still an issue. My visit in 2015 opened my eyes to lack of immediate emergency response. Basically told, your neighbor was it til you were taken by a good Samaritan or member in family with transportation to nearest hospital if one. 

So much needs to be addressed in 2018 and beyond. This will help shut up critiques about Haiti in future. One thing that is refreshing is to see the Tech push in Haiti, yet that to has me questioning whom has access to these advancement, do the children of "Malere" (The Poor) have them or do those with means for generators and internet access only? 

Well, enjoy the screenshots from Google and Wikipedia about Conan O'Brien that were taken this morning. Great to learn a bit more about him. See for yourself on the World Wide Web all the light he has shed on Haiti along with Social Media.

Til another post dear HAY Online with Friends!

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