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HAY Online News: Facebook Group Deactivated After Threatening Black Panther Rating on Rotten Tomato

by Nancy Francois aka Aquarius Dawn Nancy

Well, we are seeing more responsible policing by social media platforms and in this month of Black History, much buzz is about for the Black Panther movie. Screenshots taken of article by The Root shows use of web to spread hate in racist America. 

When will things change? I would say no time soon since it took many a century for it to build up and nothing just changes without equal to more effort used than initially when creating the atmosphere. The atmosphere here is racism and in this time of deep revelations we see the ugly from many angles. Now the web is being used.

At least The Root article shows many are taking the change seriously. Hope this is not a slick way though to introduce future policing that will also target other groups unfairly. Hope it is kept to extremes like these. So many hate-filled Pro Black groups should be aware of this action because if they too are seen as the group deactivated, same can befall them. 

Be aware of the "Smart Technology" many revere also is being used to weed out words, behavior and contexts to learn if a threat. Here a groups campaign to flood bad ratings about Black Panther on Rotten Tomatoes website was stopped.

Enjoy Black History month but remember we should celebrate our great blackness and defend our interests every day of the year!

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