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HAY Online Black History: Tupac, Was He A Messiah Seed?

by Nancy Francois aka Aquarius Dawn Nancy

"Never Had A Friend Like Me" - Tupac SoundCloud Screenshot

A Messiah Seed, was Tupac one? I would say he is of the many women and men born throughout time who are messengers of their time. As the many before him and after, he went through many trials and tribulations. He was a vocal member of his community who could relate to the Mass Incarceration, to Poverty, to having a Wayward Mother, and Street Life called by him "Thug Life". 

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As a messenger, his life, music and influence shed light on the plight of the Black American male in Amerikkka. The triple K is for the organization that has great influence in this country that still treats blacks as less than human or an after thought in policies to govern equal treatment. 

We currently deal with the same adversities Tupac was rapping about and experiencing first hand. Sad to say things have gotten more sophisticated in how distractions of reality television and current events showing slavery at its finest have many looking the other way. Media is running the narrative many are glued to social media to get, if by way of their news feed/timeline feeds. Many proclaiming they are examples of "Black Excellence" are just pawns and puppets placed to keep many sedated while legislation is pushing to give Pedophiles protection, Police State equipment going up at lightning pace, and more obstacles being laid to slow economic wealth of the Black Family. 

As a Messiah, Tupac came and left us with a vast collection of rap music tracks that speak of matters still relevant today. The sad thing is that many listen to his words and then go back to the detrimental behaviors that keep us as a community looking outside for help. Democratic party has leaders in it who created the atmosphere for Mass Incarceration but many still voted for The Clinton's. I too went that route first time until I learned of their role in the prison systems growth. Then to look back at the little time on this planet of mine to see a pattern among the political puppets makes much clear. "Hail Mary", that track is the truth and due to strict parents I never got a chance to fully listen to it til an adult. Out of all his rap songs, "Hail Mary" says it all. The war against the Black American male is real.

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His message is being heard now from many Crystal Children who get it and are more ready to bring solutions. The one obstacle that needs to phase out are the Puppet Leaders and Puppet Media Driven Celebrities need to be ignored with replaced. Too many phony leaders who are misleading the youth and are programmed by those with the agenda to keep the Black Community dependent being peddled. Without a true clean-up in how we operate as a whole  community we will always produce confused youth who are easily misled. All we deal with today were seeds planted by our oppressors who have today disguised themselves as our saviors. Yet, it is up to the Black Community to heal itself from within without the influence of those whose agenda is to control and dominate. 

This Black History month HAY Online is sharing a certain way to shed light on the wrongs from the past many are sharing on social media and solutions derived from those not tainted by popular media. Some "Fancy Footing" figures can miss me and those tired of the same old Sambo tactics so to speak. All the tail kissing is much but no changes. Before the affects of a recession cripples our community, I hope many in Black Community take this time to really buy within community supporting Black-Owned Business. Show true Money, Power, Respect that will set much right. Hope it  happens, true Black Power (Black Economic Power)! We are in a capitalist country that saw slavery as an economic means to be productive and still uses economic tactics to cripple the descendants of black slaves. Our solution is through economics since that is how our oppressors did enslave us. Freedom through Black Economics we bring about without Puppeteers is needed.

Let's Get It On Purpose! - Royale L'radin

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