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HAY Online News: Ange Runs Haiti Haitian Diaspora!

by Nancy Francois aka Aquarius Dawn Nancy

from @ravishingcreations screenshot Instagram

Ange Loisue, going to be running across Haiti February 16, 2018. Let us pray for her to be safe and sound while she does an amazing job!

She is a charismatic, nice person who loves her native country, Haiti and its people. 

Ange has raised money for Team Tassy while sharing her journey to get in shape for run. They raise money to fight poverty.

Screenshot of crowdrise for Ange Loisue 

She is a wonderful example of the many Haitian natives that give back! We all can do as Ange in our own ways. Just look to her for inspiration as we have here at HAY Online. Her continuous attention on Haiti is admirable and straight up shows she really loves her country men and women. Let us aspire to be at that level of consciousness to give of our selves. Like, some way we can do so. What can you do? (Beton passed, now you run 🏃🏃🏃)

Be great Haitian-American youth online!

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