• Aquarius Dawn Nancy

HAY Online News: RIP Marielle Franco, Afro-Brazilian Activist Shot 14 Times

by Nancy Francois aka Aquarius Dawn Nancy 

RIP Marielle Franco, Afro-Brazilian Activist councilwoman. We do have many Haitians in Brazil. She was shot up in her car nine times in the body and four shots to the head. We are always keeping an eye on key areas Haitians flock to. Brazil has been on my radar since my dreams to give solutions to those like me began. Learn about the people in different parts of the world who are looking out for fellow Haitians who end up most often being among the poor. Been monitoring Brazil heavy since many Haitians went there after the quake. I also met many afluent Haitians whom actually lived there while attending college. We are everywhere. So in light of a horrific act, learn a bit more about what is going on with Haitians rights in Brazil. Very sad to learn a woman so bold and fierce was taken away in such a manner!  

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