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Haitian History: Haitian Flag Day Is Today, Thank You Dessalines

by Nancy Francois aka Aquarius Dawn Nancy

The version Jean-Jacques Dessalines and Francois Duvalier (1964 - 1986) both used as they ruled over Haiti. This is a Wikipedia grab to share. - Wikipedia

HAY Online Search of Haitian Flag brought great finds and hope you, those engaged in learning Haitian History will enjoy the results showing up.

Brief Snippet of Haitian History: 

"By late 1806 Dessalines’s authoritarian rule had inspired resistance among the leading generals of the army, who organized a plot for his overthrow. On 17 October 1806 Dessalines was assassinated by a group of rebels near Pont Rouge just outside of Port-au-Prince. He was shot and his body torn to pieces and paraded through the city. Following Dessalines’s death, a battle for national leadership ensued between the generals Henry Christophe and Alexandre Pétion. Christophe was elected to office under a new constitution in 1806, but he did not agree with the republican style of government. He and his supporters retreated to the north and published a new constitution in 1807. The country split in civil war and Pétion was elected president of the Republic of Haiti in the southern and western departments." - haitidoi.com

The departments in Haiti and getting familiar with the terrain is a start to learning its history. Topographical maps are good and just one that labels prominent areas as the many districts with zones can do wonders for learning. Learning what part of Haiti one is talking about in written historical record, then going is another step towards reaffirming your connection. Haitian-Americans are Haiti's future in my opinion! 

by Rémi Kaupp 

So, Haitian-American youth online, what is your "Call to Action"?

Mine, is to assist with my know how online and in person those not represented. Maybe start a HAY Online...(what will be next 🤔)

Enjoy Haitian Flag Day HAY Online!

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