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HAY Online Market: Sofiancy's Elegant Medical ID Jewelry

by Nancy Francois aka Aquarius Dawn Nancy

Sofiancy is a elegant Medical ID Jewelry provider for those who need to let medical response professionals know what they have going on if unconscience. 

Example, the entrepreneur behind this great brand we found in an HAY Online Search is a Kidney transplant recipient who has a profile online that inspires all. Her Twitter shares her story, inspiring posts and beautuful products.

Following this amazing brand owner over the years has been inspiring both personally and professionally. Her brand can be found on the leading social media hubspots. 

Support Us: Be the change you want to see, #HAYOnlineMarket. Bringing those worth to rave about who bring a little extra Haitian or Haitian-American umph to the online markets they service. We also share brands who show love in ways we love to foster. 

We love finding "Gems" and making sure they shine Online Presence wise. Best way, to share and keep doing so. 

HAY Online Media: We believe in Business Karma and do not associate with brands who sabotage, partake in malicious acts against other fellow Zoepreneurs and disassociate with brands learned of who get sucked in by the hype. We want to last online in a positive, supportive community that does not hate. No body has time for the games, it is 2018. So much online to get around the purposely done tactics of yesterday. As long as your brand is practicing proper SEO tactics that are consitent, you will shine Online no matter who backs you. Specific criteria to be considered for a feature and inclusion into marketing. More information to come on this wonderful Zoepreneur. 

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