• Aquarius Dawn Nancy

This Is Haiti HAY Online: Patrice Douge, The Grand'Anse Lens of Focus

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

© Patrice Douge - Grand'Anse Department Jeremie, Haiti (1)

We have always believed in just presenting Haiti in its Majesty and reality.

©  Patrice Douge - Grand'Anse Department Jeremie, Haiti (2) HAYOnline has started a series kicking off with Mr. Douge's permission and attributes, we will share on our platforms his Copyright images. The images show Haiti through the focus of his lens.

© Patrice Douge - Grand'Anse Department Jeremie, Haiti (3)

The ultimate deal breaker though for many Haitian Americans, that are like I was til 2015, Haiti is seen through images.  

© Patrice Douge - Grand'Anse Department Jeremie, Haiti (4)

I myself, Nancy Francois, only saw Haiti through my eyes via images such as the ones we shall present. There are many photographers we want to share because Ayiti, which is how we will at HAY Online refer to Haiti from now on throughout our platforms interchangeably, is full of life among a beautiful struggle. I personally had only the option of images until my first and so far only trip to the Island in 2015. My experience was a hit of reality not seen much unless Photojournalist come during a disaster or political situation calls international interest. So seeing Ayiti through your eyes is done how I did, through lively images. Lights, camera and fluid action captured by the lens of photography.

© Patrice Douge - Grand'Anse Department Jeremie, Haiti (5)

Paying tribute to those passed away, still alive and fledgling youths who want the World Wide Web (Online Presence) to know, #ThisIsHaiti through the focus of their lens! 

Follow his Blogger Blog at Photography Journal - Theater of Life

PLEASE give credit where it is due. We love us some P Douge photographs!

Let's see Ayiti through our eyes!

#ThisIsHaiti #GrandAnseDepartment #JeremieHaiti #Haiti #Photography

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