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Royale L'radin Speaks: You Can't Move Into The Future

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

© Royale L'radin

You can't move into the future with people who are living in the past. - @royalelradin

Take Away HAY Online: Leave those people always bringing up past baggage alone. The point of starting anew is to break away from the shackles of the past. I know for moi, many I currently do not associate with is not due to dislike, it is more the reminders they keep holding on to I need to shake. Need mental focus to get into a new groove. So just focus on the new goals, while forgetting the past baggage that did not help you progress. I have many people I will never revisit memory lane with and I am fine with it. Once you master your new found purpose, you ask yourself, "When did I have time with all energy used up now on new goals to deal with the bull of yesterday?" So much reflection is made on that alone, wasting time worrying about things you care less to even think about let alone mention. Keep your memory bank, the brain, clear of toxic thoughts from past and replace with great affirmations of your excellence. This Monday, I put last week's arguments with my beau aside and focus in new goals to revving up HAY Online Media's sharing engines with new tools testing out to then consult about. I know I have no time to spend energy outside of learning new tools, cooking with prepping vegetarian meals, and tending to a new positive venture with my mate. So my plate is full and enjoying the new found journey to financial stability. My positive surroundings help and Royale's daily inspirations I can count on daily come in handy. Great, motivating Monday HAY!

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Stay motivated!

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