• Aquarius Dawn Nancy

HAY Online Conscience: Balance In A Time Of Social Media

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

© Ingrid Austin

Balance 🤔...found this beautiful photo of rocks on a Haitian-American entrepreneurs page I admire greatly. Finding balance today takes much, especially with the attention grabbing terrain of social media. Yet this word, balance, is key to staying mentally okay. We all must find it in ways we can manage within the context of our lives.

I find myself asking Ingrid, the photographer of this image about her photos. They for me bring a sense of grounding and calm. I love nature and looking at it. Just gazing at the elements of nature is enough for me. One may look at a body of water, I am looking at the rocks and how the stream of water passes over them  while they are unmoved by the forces pushing it. Steadfast, strong and unwavering which is how I see many I look up to. As I follow her feed, I like her photography that surprise me because I did not know she was a photographer😊. 

Well, I will add that to her many hats. She is a remarkable, strong, steadfast woman that is always positive!

Have balance in your lives HAY Online!

Start with whom you allow into your mental space. Never settle and always clean house of those not helping you stay centered. Trust, life is much better being surrounded by love, support and shoot, great visual aids. We love the many posts so many Haitian - Americans share on social media that uplift🤗

#HAYOnlineConscience #Balance

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