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HAY Online News: Sargassum, Brown Algae Piling Up In The Caribbean Like In Les Cayes

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

© Nicolas Leger, Haitian Photojournalist's image from Instagram @nicolas.leger3 of Sargasse brown algae piling up in Les Cayes, Haiti

Wow, at first I thought it was Red Algae and was corrected by Mr. Leger that this is Sargasse, brown algae that is causing horrible smells from some accounts by residents of Les Cayes, Haiti. He brought to our attention that several Islands in the Caribbean are dealing with this matter. While Martinique, Dominica and other island's governments are taking this matter seriously, Mr. Leger's plea for help is genuine. He says there are no efforts as of yet to handle this matter that is getting to residents in the South of Haiti who live near the shores. "It smells of dead rotting corpses", he said to me via a message. 

As always, HAY Online Media loves the opportunity to share concerns of our fellow Haitian countrymen who want those looking for a little different light on Haiti to know of. 

His ambitions to use this pile up as fertilizer sounds like a great idea and hope he is not just done as so many who shed light on a cause others see publicity for self in, pushed aside. Tired of seeing those passionate about Haiti have their ideas taken by over zealous PR scrapers who after some time drop the ball on the cause they never had intentions on to keep going.

May God be with the residents and hope this matter does not get ignored and worst!

Great shot but it is a pretty picture of a smelly, pesky problem. Thank you Mr. Leger of Les Cayes for sharing with HAY Online News!

Some Wikipedia Information: "Brown algae include a number of edible seaweeds. All brown algae contain alginic acid (alginate) in their cell walls, which is extracted commercially and used as an industrial thickening agent in food and for other uses.[47] One of these products is used in Lithium Ion batteries.[48] Alginic acid is used as a stable component of a battery anode. This polysaccharide is a major component of brown algae, and is not found in land plants. Alginic acid can also be used in aquaculture. For example, alginic acid enhances the immune system of rainbow trout. Younger fish are more likely to survive when given a diet with alginic acid.[49] Brown algae including kelp beds also fix a significant portion of the earth's carbon dioxide yearly through photosynthesis.[50] Sargachromanol G, an extract of Sargassum siliquastrum, has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects." - Brown Algae Wikipedia

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