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This Is Haiti HAY Online: La Savane, Les Cayes, South Haiti

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

© Nicolas Leger photo of La Savane in South Haiti, Les Cayes region

Yesterday evening Mr. Leger shared this beautiful picture of a part of South Haiti in Les Cayes called, La Savane.

As part of our mission, sharing to those who follow HAY Online Media the beauty and mystique of Haiti is sure accomplished by the many Haitian Photographers and Photojournalist who allow us to.

Give credit where credit is due and with that said, one post was removed because one individual was not honest about origination of a beautiful photo we shared thankfully in only three spots before continuing do so more. So heads up to those lying, if we learn of or just get hint it us not true copyright, we will block from all our platforms. It is already hard enough to get those willing to share to do so. We are not with the games and hope this warning is met with understanding.

Much shared from search if we are told it is am author we gladly add credit. Thank you and keep enjoying these unique shots we scour the web for by many we too feel should surface online in search.

Great Saturday, HAY Online and Friends!

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