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Royale L'radin Speaks: Investing In Your Lovers Passion

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

"If they are not invested in your mission, they are not for you." - @royalelradin 

Take Away: Leave those alone who do not show interest in your entrepreneurial goals. It is hard enough to garner support, let alone have the daily gusto to say, "Let's get it on purpose" when you are the only one at times championing yourself. 

Resentment settles in and makes the relationship seem like a black hole. One that just is void of any compassion for your dreams. It can have you second guess yourself because if one so close is not being supportive, how do you muster courage to seek it outside the home? 

It is hard enough and becoming more expensive to start up a business with adding the online sphere that asks many to blog daily, create content (video, articles on new pieces or products, and share images daily) to keep your brand in the mix as you try and climb into content tiers getting attention on a set platform. 

There are rules of engagement for real online and one reason our platform does what it does. So understanding the online terrain alone is ample reason why I could feel this post from Royale. The things a brand must do today take much. It takes being up when all else are asleep, cropping, editing and coming up with tag lines or captions to post. To then turn over and see a lump who never acknowledges you more than to ask, "When are you going to finish?", sleeping. Not my story but an example. 

Stay tuned for our blog piece about the true work that goes into just a brands online presence when done right and consistently. It will help those who are partners of an onlinepreneur understand what they really are doing on their phone, tablet or computer to even try to land in Organic Search. - Aquarius Dawn Nancy 

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