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Words by Lady G: HAY Online, What Say You About Love At The Top?

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

© Words by Lady Godiva

This post has been on my mind like many of Lady Godiva's poems. This amazing woman is a gem to have by your side online. Like so many I can personally say I gain that extra push at times needed to just not want to slap someone. She grounds one with her posts, trust😈. Going to her page or the posts of her spoken word poetry that pass my personal and business profiles feeds are just helpful. Makes one stop and think about the topic that peaks interest to then go to her Instagram, @wordsbyladyg profile to scroll through her collection to find more pick me ups. 

My Take Away: This poem speaks to me in a sense of coming to that Quiet Mind state where you silence all the chatter of life that stresses you. Some who meditate understand the need to learn techniques that work for them to Quiet their Mind, so that way what the universe needs to show you will present itself. Sometimes in this state, the things that come to mind are not so pleasant about some people or situations you never realized showed the ugly you ignored when the chatter of life distracted you. 

Some people think doing these things will bring a bliss filled calm but at times anxiety, heart racing, and palpitating breathing may occur. Why? Because what you expected to get from Quieting your Mind did not happen. Reality of what was really going on shows you much you missed. For example, I was in a relationship where my altruistic nature clouded my better judgement of "Self love". I cared for another person more than me for all the wrong reasons. At the time I would not say so, really, I believed I was looking out for me while taking care of another humans problems. 

While doing "Us" I was ignoring me. All for the good of our relationship, so I convinced myself, smh. I tell yah, Narcissistic Relationships are always one-sided. It took the abuse that followed, familiar non-supportive individuals believing a stranger over me(blood), and strangers scrutiny to see how far I left my "Self love" behind in the wake of taking on another humans demons. 

Looking at me lying in an empty condo with a eviction notice on the door, child not there and nothing to eat had me with much silent time to reflect. It sure was not the reflection I expected. There was none, not the reflection of who I once was, just a tired woman who had enough. I wanted to just leave this country all together because the feelings of hopelessness were deep. 

Noone to trust, no one to talk to and one person I did reach out to when ready to was Lady G. She did for me all the things I expected out of love. She was compassionate, heard me out, and checked up on me as many reflections of love did. It was a great experience because God sent many my way through my life to be my "Saving graces". See, I created this world online to help those Haitian American Youth like me, who find no support but do not have the same will or know how to get around the bull of life. Each obstacle I went through, I learned to make me okay. Whether a quote, writing in a journal, or as an Aquarius does with music used it to just distract. Yet when you learn to quiet your mind to let reality slap you in the face you see life for what it is through your eyes, your heart and your perception. So, the ugly in certain situations we reflect on can show love one we perceived as cruel was sharing but too wrapped up listening to life's chatter to even see or hear til all is silent. I know for me it does not take much for me to see the love but life's reality for me has shown how ugly many I use to consider one relation or another were. 

Now, I just accept it is what I make it, as in life. Take the lessons and be grateful for those like Lady G who always has you ponder or speaks to your inner conflicts through a post. While many just let life's blows knock them down and react with hate, just love. Love those present even harder. It helps because you will see the love better God sent you. The other situations or people distracting that vibration no longer do, so you can focus on it. Keep that permanent and start following my girl, Lady G on her website and social media spots we will share below. 

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