• Aquarius Dawn Nancy

Royale L'radin Speaks: Hang Around People Who Put Their Dreams As A Priority

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

"Stop hanging out with people whose dreams are not their priority. " - @royalelradin Take Away: If you are in pursuit of your dreams, I mean really putting your passion to action then do not be around those just talking. They need to be left alone, period. It is tough enough to gain support. Being around no energy from lazy people or energy suckers will have you drained or find no stimulation in creativity more than what you can muster up. So if the case, stick to yourself and only allow those you see putting their dreams as a priority. Those working full time but still find time to be an entrepreneur on their off times. Those hustling like that can be learned from and become source for your motivation. The "talkers" not doing a darn thing need to be "Out of Sight, Out of Mind." - Aquarius Dawn Nancy  

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