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HAY Online News: Henri Namphy Former Coup Leader Passed Away in Dominican Republic

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

Henry Namphy was a Lieutenant General in Haiti at a volatile time in Haitian history. Jean-Claude Duvalier fled Haiti with his family and much unrest in the country followed. So Lieutenant General, Henri Namphy took over the interim government in 1987 til elections were held that had Leslie Manigat as winner. Yet, due to unrest in believing and murderous behavior, he then took over power in 1987 til he too was part of a Coup d'etat in 1988 by Prosper Avril who took power. Coup meaning a term to describe a forceful take over of power. Haiti's Presidents have seen many of these acts take them out of office. 

Seems like Haiti is always having some kind of power struggle. Well HAY Online, Mr. Namphy died at age 85 from new reports on June 26, 2018 in the Dominican Republic.  So go and look up Henri Namphy and learn another piece of Haitian History. 

Stay tune for more news on what is happening in Haitian-America via HAY Online News. 

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