• Aquarius Dawn Nancy

Monday Motivation HAY Online: Be Bold as Royale L'radin Speaks To Your Conscience

"All great outcomes came with a bold move." - @royalelradin 

. Take Away: "Take what you have mustered up as in talent, passion or just skills and tackle your obstacles boldly #HAYOnline! Be in the now with a force and do not take "No" for an answer. I know it can be tough when it is only you pushing and little support. But steadfast and persistent in your pursuits. I Just know for me, those like Royale L'radin speak to me on many levels when I need those words of encouragement or understanding. Use all tools you can find to help you keep pushing through. It can be hard at times when you know the things done or up against, but forgive and try to forget til it becomes easier. Easier to put aside those memories of things that failed or those who failed you." - Aquarius Dawn Nancy

Be bold HAY Online!

#BeBold #Bold

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