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HAY Online: Haitian-American Youth Online Cyana "Cycy's World" Everyday It Sure Is

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

Cycy - Everyday <- Click to go to the YouTube music video *** Thank You***

The above image and sequential ones within this blog post are from a YouTube music video Cyana of Cycy's World produced with the help of professionals but most importantly, her mother. A mother whose true love and devotion to her special, beautiful talented daughter shows in how she is setting up her online presence. One can have their opinions but her actions speaks volumes and all we can do at HAY Online is make sure her star online rises to the top. May her mother keep being a shining example to other Mother's to keep supporting their kids dreams!

As this wise little girl says, "Everyday, every day I live my life..." and that is what is up! You go girl! Great motivational YouTube music video by a young talented Haitian-American youth we found online. Her song really speaks to never giving up no matter the L's taken and with a strong mother as she has, she sure has the support. With the post I see on her profiles, she also has many in various communities as well showing her love. May that show of support keep being given. Manje Pitit (Eat child)!

Thank you again Street Media Hype for the share in our feed that led to Cycy's World. What a world it is that we are discovering. Just fits well with our main message: Support the youth in all they do and make sure they are a shining example online. 

I can say I have not been as excited about a find through HAY Online Search since stumbling on KGJay of Ottawa, Canada and his father JCreole. Now, again another team, mother - daughter one has put a skip beat in my heart. Just love the ample examples of our mission learned of through parents such as Cyana's mother who sacrifices much with much sleep to make sure her outgoing daughter's dreams are realized. 

These are moments that make me do a happy dance in my heart and fingertips online to make sure she eats it all up🤗, that is online presence, he, he, he. Just love the role model her mother is and example Cyana is to young girls who want to pursue their passion. 

This little girl has a busy schedule and even I cannot keep up, lol. Stay tuned to learn more about Cycy's World HAY Online and Friends! 

Please support her pursuits we share as she gets only better. Go to her YouTube Channel: Cyana Cycy and subscribe, like and leave a comment of encouragement. 

Let us not teach the next generation to keep up "The Crab" mentality that just screams spite. Show a little Zoe support! We love presenting all her talents through her world online, Cyana "Cycy's World" it sure is! 

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