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HAY Online Conscience: I Too "Once Was Lost, But Now I Am Found" On 4th of July 2018

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

Image from In The Most High I Believe on IG

After much going on in this country, this image seen in my feed this morning depicting yesterday's date but shared online in a different year has me perplexed. Perplexed as to how many can justify celebrating a day we as Melanated people cannot say our Ancestors were free? Then fast forward today, police brutality is now recorded on video, documented murders of unarmed civilians of Melanated creation and the young Melanated youth being slaughtered in a hunt to get rid of whom they fear might be Messiah seeds is being enforced. Police are "Policy Enforcers" who do not have orders to "Protect and Serve" us. You may have a few with a heart and conscience, but most get on force to exert their bigotry and racism. The patterns show they will not be prosecuted under the veil of "The Blue" and yet those of our race join thinking they can make a change....🙄. 

Yes, I mentioned it, "Messiah Seeds". There is more to these killings and until many start protecting and stop thinking they are chosen, many more innocent youth will be murdered. That which they fear is alive and kicking. Those born of these seeds, yes plural, are always sent to teach and lead their kind. Yet with Religion confusing many due to its creatikn by the few who control the masses, works to distract. These actions by law enforcers that always went on without video, police dashcam video or body cameras are coming to light because our Ancestors are protecting those they must that were born to truly be seeds of change. Too many before have been "Judas Kissed" by their own (Family, Community and Children) at times unknowingly and most with their help. Melanin is a highly sought after biological substance black people possess. 

Many need to research it more and we will share the truth on it too. As always this post now gives other spectators hint as to sharing on it. That is fine but please do not stop re-sharing the facts so that those who need to understand why some rather murder you than let you live to dominate do so any means necessary. This alone is why I, Aquarius Dawn Nancy, do not associate with some of my own descent. Some are selling out one another when they should be showing love and protecting one another. I know for me, I cannot link with one who saw first to turn others against. No matter their mistake to come at one in this manner, it still was initiated and that which comes from hate is of the devil. Just as there are White Devils there are Black Devils, our own who "Chuck and Jive" and when favor from those using them dries up they come running back to exploit more or wanting back in. I forgive but do not forget. So this past fourth of July I ate out with my beau at a favorite Vegetarian Indian Cuisine spot called Woodlands and slept my behind off after the "Itis" kicked in, lol. 

Shoot, the past two weeks been in training at Teleperformance, my new job for a client I use to have as a provider. I have no qualms of stating my station at present. Unlike many who play up, I never care to. A true Aquarius trait. These youth need to know brilliance does not mean acceptance or better station. Sometimes it just means doing what one must among a sea of vultures with self-taught knowledge. So, I to hustle and bustle, get it how I live and do so for my own children's chances. So their chances in a world with country that still sees blacks as second class are a bit better. Knowing thyself is also being real and watching your a** ( Veye Zo Ou - Watch Out). 

Stay woke, not the way others use it but truly be aware of your own station and who is for you as you better it. Not all coming in the form of help are that, many spectate to take and do for self regardless if their efforts fall short. Learn to Forgive transgressors but never ever let them back in the fold, "Judas's" never change and one reason he ended up killing himself the originating chatacter of the term. Hey, was not there to be so confident to say he truly existed. Do not shoot the messenger just take the advice and think thrice(three times, three angles along with your perception) and pay attention to patterns. Be easy and always work on being your best self no matter how much you may fail, just make this world better how you can, these lost youth are truly watching.

Stay conscience HAY Online!

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