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Royale L'radin Speaks: Do Not Let Hard Times Destroy Your Dreams

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

© Royale L'radin 

"Do not let hard times destroy your dream, let your hard times inspire, motivate, and innovate your dream." - @royalelradin

My Take Away: Currently going through much personally which is not a first. Yet a call from a great friend I met in middle school twenty years plus ago has me swallowing some pills even those I must distance from for the rest of my days told me to do many times before. I too must take these words and conquer on. 

Drama and the source of it or source of the disappointment are to be left alone til they too no longer hold you down. Mine is the fact some who should have been there as they are for others in my family were not but still see to ask things like, "How are your kids?" In my head as I try to be polite but cannot I ponder, "Why did you not testify to blah, blah, blah so I would not be two years into something..." So for me, much I am to leave alone already destroyed me. It destroyed my belief in how a mother and father should be. It destroyed my belief that some professing Christian faith in my family would truly live by the teachings they too teach but do not that had me asking myself, "Why was I not worthy of the help they give to friends or strangers after my own selfless kindness towards them?" And lastly, "Why did these trivial matters have a hold on me when God who sees my heart, knows my pure intentions and always sends me "Saving Graces" never lets me down?" 

I know why as I did while going through those hard times, just for some like I who self soothe even to point I sleep with a blanky all my life or items soft as my old one gone forever 😑 , sigh, we still are human and want love. Yet, in my own deep reflections, friends and even strangers who have become friends were always sent by God to pick me up when "Blue". It is hard at times because you watch those you did so much for even on social media interact with one another and learn they unfollow you, do not like any posts, or comment with you or even attempt to search for you because if they do not interact for a bit platforms stop showing your updates among their feed. So you take even those meaningless things as big ones of meaning to harp on because in reality they do the same and then find ways to let it go. Yet at times noticing the "Dis or Slaps" those actions by them will have you feel a way and you as a human have every right to. 

No matter those pretending they always live life smiling, they too go through it. All go through it, just how they overcome is different. I for one is fortunate to have friends like Sueon, Nadia and many others who call and let me vent. "My Girls" are all strong, persevering women whom always lend an ear, take me out or just help when needed most. This past Monday I had a court hearing and for once my concerns were voiced by the judge. It was good to hear but a bit too late. I had to leave quickly after all done because having agencies supposedly meant to protect come at you so hard over lies can be tough. I still must deal and be reminded of how some close failed me but the night before my hearing, my girlfriend called and let me cry it out all I held in. My mate gave me the attention I wanted from him I never got before from a partner and showed me why kuddling is so important, not sex but just the physical contact of body to body. Some of us have tough skin because growing up without love forces us to as a means of protection. When you get older and still same treatment, it can make one bitter and resentment settles in. 

So my take away from Royale L'radin's post from Instagram is to just keep on with your dreams, let those God placed in your life shower you with love and walk away from those who cannot be what you need as you were to them when they needed it. Be strong, be resolved and live out your passions leaving the hard times behind. Be grateful for the love and support you have and do not be afraid to seek ways to cope. I share my stories not for pitty but to remind those going through it to remember and cherish the love you have around you when times get hard. Get over the hurdles by acknowledging the love around you and back to pursuing your dreams. Dreams are great when positive and are produced by being surrounded by positives. So leave the negative alone any means necessary. Maybe try following @royalelradin  on Instagram for a daily dose of "Pick Me Ups". They help and love that he is a Zoe that does youth empowerment one can find easily online😍!

Have a productive day HAY Online!

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