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Words by Lady G: Great Rising HAY Online

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

Good Morning My Superstars from Lady Godiva (  @wordsbyladyg on IG) 

Each day is a new chance to set the pace on your life journey. I love thinking of Egypt, Khemet, or Alkebulan which ever name suits ones fancy!

This great shot of the sun rising in the East is beautiful and ties into my own beliefs on Keepers, the Beatle rolling dung representing the sun that comes into focus after battles in the night are won for the sun disc to appear. This is just briefly stating the Beatle's or  Scarab's meaning in the studies on Ancient Egypt. Again many who learn their history may not like using the terms used within but it is done to help connect with commonly used terms. Yet as I share more on it, references to Egypt will be used interchangeably. Just a heads up. 

So, enjoy this image from Lady Godiva of @wordsbyladyg and think of the battles of the night you overcame and now can roll into a new dawn with clearer focus to conquer all the fortune and "mis... you know (word with f in it that preceded this mis..)" that may come your way today. Take on all with a smile and head held high HAY Online!

Follow Words by Lady G and be provoked to see life through a different lens if your own are foggy due to the drama in your life. Imagery can help some see brighter days. Let us all get away from the ratchet and sensationalism plastered in our feeds by following positive profiles so their posts show up more to help us all be encouraged to live our best life daily. Love and Light!

Well, another rising of the sun and fitting to share this post by Lady Godiva of  Words by Lady G <- Website. 

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