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HAY Online Conscience: Great Sunrise, Greatness on the Highway to Better

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

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When I saw this image, it reminded me of why this solution was started, HAY Online.

It is great many online stuck on social media share their stories on the road to success, but what about the stops along the way?

The drama?

The abuse?

The scars?

The setbacks?

The life events?

And, the list can go on with what a Haitian-American youth online is dealing with. Haitian American Youth Online is here to share greatness and reality of the journey. Our conscience minds eye compells us to see the world through our own experiences, not those of others. We can look and read into another's experience by using the lens of our own to understand how we can. So, we can present greatness or struggles through HAY Online but at the end if the day the story you create is an experience all your own and no one has the right to compare. One can suggest with respect how you go about your journey but they are not walking in your shoes or driving down the highway of life that is called "Your Life". 

Please, so do not let other's opinions shadow your journey!

You are great!

You got this!

Just learn from every experience and make it a priority to do better than before, whatever that is for you. Do not let another's journey be your guiding compass. Understand you are wonderfully created to be great. Keep striving for better and keep on driving your life forward.

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