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HAY Online - Poems: Wake Up Haitians by Bee Jay of BEAutiful Revelations Blog

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Poem Title: Wake Up Haitians

Haitians in America Need a LOUDER voice But it starts with each Haitian individual Making that choice The hardships we've endured Must have a cure. And the blemishes of the politics Make our safety unsecure Let me not get started on... What happened to all the money From the earthquake that occurred in 2010? All I've seen are those boxed "homes" That the government makes to seem as so divine on CNN. We've stepped out of rubbles, and troubles, and faults. My people, We've stated that "L'union fait la force". "L'union"... But when are we going to create it? "La force"... We haven't made it. We need to aid it--- More like aid each other to create it. My people,you're hearing me, But you're not listening. The hypocrisy that has evolved Has caused a distancing Among the people Which has created more flaws... Instead,we should be distending, Our thoughts and hands To help each other As new life begins And we should create new life By patching our hearts And turning away From evil thoughts So our nation Won't have to be so distraught. Best Regards, Bea Jay

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