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This Is Haiti HAY Online: Anthropological Project on the African Religious Heritage of Haitian Voudo

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

© Nicolas Leger ( Metrés Freda) with a series for Anthropological Project on the African Religious Heritage and the Syncretism if religion in Haiti - Haitian Voudou

Haiti is a place of beauty and mystique with a culture that mixes African religion with those of their colonizers who brought the slaves to the Island. Catholicism is heavily mixed with Voudou and many Loa (Lwa or Spirits) are depicted by saints from that religion. Wonder if this is the case to hide the practice of Voudou at a time European religion was being forced on the African slaves? 

© Nicolas Leger

Well, either way it is interesting to see saints represent Spirits ( Loa or Lwa).

© Nicolas Leger 

Stay tuned for more on Haitian Voudou via images of ceremonies and sacrifices. These are taken by a photographer named Nicolas Leger in Les Cayes, Haiti in the Grand Anse area. 

Follow him Instagram @nicolas.leger3

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