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Thoughtful Tuesdays HAY Online: Stay Away From Destructive Relationships

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

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Thoughtful Tuesdays, sadly this one is after much going on in Haiti. The protests that had many pillaging the Financial District, Petion - Ville is not a mental problem and that spin needs to stop fast before organizations start saying medication is needed. As with the United States, many think medicating people will help control them. Not going to happen in Haiti. Those who are mental are those with wealth squeezing their own, pages only showing what a few here and there can enjoy need to be mentally checked. 

How can you peddle a Haiti most there cannot afford or do not get included to? Wait for it, wait for it🙄 they will start showing photos of the poor they now want to include after the PR ploys of yesterday sharing images of assistance then to not keep up missions. While sharing a narrative many there do not receive those left out get angry. We live in a technological world with algorithms(bots) that vastly integrate a technology that dates back to the 80's from timelines shared but really before that which is used to better Machine Learning and Deep Learning. So how can those in Haiti think if we are in times like these, better tracking of funds, and actions with them would not be found out? On top of that, the youth in Haiti see what is shared as they line rubble filled streets still not fixed since Haiti Earthquake looking on Facebook Lite and Instagram and WhatsApp all owned by same company, a world they do not see themselves included in after the turn off low battery smart phone with Digicel plan. The generator used to charge that phone for many is using gas to power much. 

Those who are not linked into power, what little there is left, are not going to be the first to benefit from energy resources. It will be the "Gran Neg (Wealthy Man)" first then a plea for more aid. While those seeing news articles from Miami Herald learn of country loaning money for said project deal with jacked up oil prices. Like, what the F***? How can one of intelligence say it is a mental problem with the people why they resort to attention seeking methods after knowing full well it is corruption? Stop F****** with your own, make them see their kid with no name or pedigree have a chance. Shut those schools down unregulated taking the poors money for their kid to attend to learn not even official. Give real aid to the ghetto. Let the common folk outside Financial District see change they only see on social media. Social media has many with real mental problems to think their actions would be overlook trying to run a corrupt government with a pattern in history of taking money for nepotistic use that scream kickbacks like moves. Having family and friends businesses line up to provide supposed firms to help reconstruct but no receipts? Yet many can say it is the people? Like, how dare some keep saying things that instigate this behavior? They, Pep La (The People) see what games played. 

Young girls sleep with wealthy, married men for their rent, hair, nails and to support family. Young men join gangs whom once tried to do right but after seeing generations of their own family being overlooked turn to crime to get by. That is desperation created by a class so selfish they now see to paint a angry, hungry people as bandits but do not see their responsibility in this. That is mental to me, to have ample articles, investigations, and images with video showing what is up that would have anyone mad to then blame those you hurt. 

Just take responsibility and end what has been since Haiti gained independence.  Bon ipokrit(Damn hypocrites)! Fix it and stop blaming the People you walk all over and "Put some respect on the Pep's name"! You rob their futures, molest their children's dreams, dangle a life they never see and think what is shared of the little done they do not feel will appease? Damn right they protest. The one bad thing in all this is no one has the right to take life and those whom have will have to deal with Karma for that. If those who did murder have kids better pray their actions do not curse them. We as parents want better. I know, many who tried me did not think of the mouths I too have to feed. When I am angry for what was done to F up my money I too feel a way. 

Yet, I too live by this one truth, what you do to another can be done to you and those of you, your seeds. So my thoughts are on the children whom are watching this play out in Haiti, those of the poor who hear what hardships their own go through. They know of the corruption they hear talked about. They go to bed hungry. They attend schools that some prop up with no certification. They see the men dangling money in their face to take their innocence. They rob and take to eat or have. Now, those parents who killed put curses and shame on their kids too. Just think before you act because when you pass and it is found you killed another, who is to say one will spare your child in retribution. Cycles, as many wealthy families who treated their own badly or used them are getting retribution generations after building wealth so does table turn in those taking opportunity now to get back. Always a vicious cycle of revenge. Is it worth it to possibly subject your seeds to that stigma or shame? 

Make a statement but do so without killing. Pray for Haiti and this Tuesday, my thoughts are on lifting vibrations for a better Haiti without the "Rift Raft" that used her, raped her and embezzled from her. How can one trust the aid given will ever be used for rebuilding if eight years later those in government take opportunity like these being investigated? Just messing Ayiti image. Hope they realize no trust will be built making excuses as to why those seen influenced by many implicated are still allowed to rule. Take them all out of leadership because clearly their actions were those of deceit and lacking of leadership, more filled with greed and deception. Haiti has better days ahead and that has been revealed. Revelations are great for Haiti, Ayiti!

Kenbe La Ayiti(Haiti)!

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