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HAY Online Conscience: The Melanated, Black Man Need Us Women To Be Their Peace

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

© Concept Art by France Forkuo

Men need encouragement, especially our black men today in Amerikkka. If they are lazy, get rid of them. Yet, if it is they attempt and still struggling, be his cheerleader even if you feel to scream. You both as black, Melanated beings are subject to much in this world fueled by race lines. 

Be his PEACE, be her PEACE. 

I, Aquarius Dawn, finally am living this and I too need to check myself before I react to my Beau. When I am in the world going through it, he is too. As men they are looked to protect in a country that strips away that right and their dignity with police brutality. In this country they try many times to provide in a country set up to most assist his counterparts in getting work, but encourage their black women to seek welfare. 

That welfare then forces the black woman to leave him, the black man trying against many odds alone to even qualify. This sad socioeconomic ploy divides homes and breeds contempt when the system should provide real assistance to families understanding helping both together give better chances to get off welfare leaving it for another needy family just needing temporary help til caught up. Our mentality towards those hard working men making minimum wage need to be different. 

Save money together, make sacrifices. 

Cook and take lunch to work. 

Plan of action should be to work with each other to get out of poverty needs to be different. 

One supports the other while in school then once one done the other does the same. 

If our kids see this they too will do the same til common among our Melanated communities. 

Leave assets for your kids like homes that are paid off that only have taxes left for your kids to worry about with utilities. Will help homelessness. Foster your kids looking out for their siblings no matter egos.

Working together to do better while being each other's PEACE. 

Just a conscience thought on relationships. BE HIS PEACE! 

Peace, HAY Online!

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