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Thought Provoking Tuesdays: Royale Says, Never Settle For Less

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

© Royale L'radin

Never, ever settle for less and why all I go after whether business affiliates or relationships no matter the kind I always see "Gems" even if they do not. Meaning, for one like I to lock onto someone or something, I must see value in it. Likewise, one would hope those whom join a union with me should see mine. You would assume but many actions you pay attention to may scream another message on that note. 

This post by Royale as many of his great thought provoking ones has me pondering on many W's and L's taken on this journey called, Life. Valuing one's self is integral to keeping a positive image of yourself. If I did not value what I brought to the table, I too would have stayed in failed attempts at a mutually respecting relationship. So this quote speaks to us all, "Know your worth and that knowledge is what keeps you going." Going out of one-sided relationships, business venture with those who have no faith in you and most importantly you keeping your value up. 

Stay thinking and re-evaluating your current circumstances asking yourself, " Am I truly valued here?"  Then take the appropriate steps to keep your value appreciating while being appreciated by those you partner with whether a lover, friend or business partner.

Take care HAY Online! 

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