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HAY Online News: LIDÉ, Leader In Haitian Creole Is A New Organization On A Mission Of LiteracyIn Hai

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

Education is power! LIDÉ , is a organization on a mission to help the most impoverished in Haiti become literate. One of the biggest obstacles there, is access to education. While searching the web we stumbled upon them. They focus on women especially, getting to the young girls and adult ladies who tend to be disproportionately illiterate. “Poverty is rampant in rural Haiti, with 75.2 percentof people in rural areas living below the poverty line. Girls aged nine to 22 are disproportionately affected by poverty and are typically pulled out of school to pursue domestic labor jobs in cities. Girls participating in the program meet one or more of LIDÈ’s criteria: they are behind in age-to-grade, out of school, live in an impoverished community, are employed in domestic labor, have experienced trauma or abuse, are food insecure or have a disability. LIDÈ focuses on girls living in these circumstances, as they are at greater risk of living in poverty.” - Borgen Magazine, Girls Education in Haiti

Learn of the many helping in Haiti and be vigilant to keep an eye on their progress. The bold text are links to more information, so click on them HAY Online.

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